I met Collin and Nita two years ago when Nita hired me to photograph their family for Tommi's graduation.

And I have been thankful from day 1.

I believe every person we meet has the opportunity to teach us something.  We are responsible for keeping our heart open to what that might be.

I can't say enough about this family.  Their love for life, each other, family and friends is contagious.  And I can wholeheartedly say this is the absolute best part of being a photographer.  Having the opportunity to see a glimpse of this.  It helps make sense of this crazy world and what's truly important.

Being at their 25 year celebration as well as a part of their life over the past couple of years has a been a gift.  A few tears were shed behind my camera during the speeches when their daughter thanked them for giving them the gift of seeing what true love is.

I would say that is the best gift you can give.