I visited my talented and lovely friend, Dana Pugh, and her family a couple of weeks ago and we took a few pictures of some very important things.

Like laughter in their home.  And pancakes in the kitchen.  And hugs in the hall.  And jumping on the beds.  And light shining through the windows.  And sunshiny winter walks.

Sweet everyday life.


P.S.  This may be the longest post ever.  Grab your coffee, and maybe a pancake or two.

Life . Instagram

  Instagram love.

I started using Instragram a couple of months ago ... or what feels like that anyway.  Sometimes I wonder about my sense of time ;).   It is some of my favorite things all rolled into one.  Photography, life, connections.  And most importantly, it makes it so easy to document my daily life.

Here is a  little glimpse of life over the last week.  Hoping to turn this into a series here on the blog.  Sharing my favorites from the week.

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Around the House.

This is a start to a new little series here on the blog - AROUND THE HOUSE.  I have no idea how often I will get around to doing these features, so I am better off to not make any promises ;). But what I do know is, a close second on my 'what I love to do list' is interior design.  I have a deep appreciation for making your home personal, unique, quirky, fun, warm and welcoming.  I love to look out a window at every turn.  To see photographs of my kids, family, travels and stories spread throughout.  To make it ours.

Through this, I hope to share with you some of my favorite pieces, internet + local shops and a few decorating tips that I have learned along the way.

So, a quick little post to get things started!

Products I love + shown here:

Giraffe print can be found here - love love love Sharon Montrose and the Animal Print Shop.  Modern, fun, quirky animal prints that work in any home.  I could buy every print on that site.  But I think people would start to worry about me if I actually put them all up in my house ;).

Shoot for the stars was bought here - again, another fun print shop.  Products are shipped from the UK, so shipping isn't the quickest.  But well worth the wait.

Logan you are amazing print customized here - Kal Barteski's blog and shop.  A Canadian artist whose work I absolutely love.  Her blog is a must visit.

Oh - and the plates in the last photo are going to get a post all of their own.  A whole story there.