Treat yourself today and stop in at the local Red Deer Bernard Callebaut. Not only will you have a taste of the bestest chocolate ever, but you will meet the nicest people and see some super cute faces on the wall.

BJ and I collaborated on her store display this past winter.  She was in the process of re-modeling her store, making it more her (and the bright cheerful colors are a perfect fit).  We decided on producing some images of local Red Deerians sampling her amazing chocolate.

This display just makes me smile.

And so does BJ :).


What more could a photographer ask for. An old barn.  A yellow table.  Pink shoes.  A cool hat.

A two fun filled, soulful, beautiful, smiley people.


Broken parts.

I love this truck.  Love it.  And looking through this set of photos, I just realized I threw the blanket over the headlight that was actually still in tact.  And left the broken one exposed. Being the introspective person I am, and thinking there is a reason for everything, I thought this was kind of a cool metaphor.  How those broken parts of us should be exposed.  Shown to the world.  For they are the things that make us who we are, and have taught us life's lessons we would have otherwise never have learned.

I just fell in love with these images even more.



Sometimes. You have to take a moment.

A moment to slow down.  Breathe.  Get quiet.

And then laugh really hard about how two graceful dancers manage to fall while walking towards the camera ;).