Celebrating Moms. 2012 Series.

I love photography and storytelling and documenting and being held in a moment. But what I love more, WITH ALL OF MY  HEART, is being a mom.  Anyone who has known me for forever will attest to the fact that it changed me (right Jod ;)).  It softened me, made me slow down and taught me more than I could have ever ever dreamed.

What I have thought about over the past year - and with photographing families - is the power of a mother's love.  Unconditional, authentic, pure love that, I believe, can truly change the world.  One child at a time.

So, naturally, photographing moms and their children completely makes my heart sing.

Now, THE SERIES.  I have been wanting to pull together a story, or what I would like to call series.   Linking lives and humanity together in some way.  In some way, with some thing, I am passionate about.  And here I am.  Over the next year, once a month, I will be scheduling one day just for this project.

And being the dreamer I am, I hope at the end of the year I can share a Legacy Book of the love shared between Moms and their children.  And while I am at it, maybe a gallery show too :).

Have meaningful portraits with your child and become a part of this lovely series.  Call or email to reserve your spot for the first January session.  Thursday, January 26 - 10am - 3pm, in the studio.