Showing you. Red Deer Photographer.

Prior to these two shoots, I had had several conversations with girlfriends regarding portraits of ourselves.  And while there is a current trend in women's portraits for boudoir type of sessions, the topic would quite often drift back to different options for a more timeless, classic, beautiful, glamorous, character portrait.

Not only the portrait, but the experience.  A makeover day.  A day for you.  You, right now at this moment in your life that makes you who you are.  Celebrating what you have done, accomplished, gone through or learned.  Showing you your beauty on the inside and out.

And these two shoots are what came about.

These GLAMOUR sessions can be booked in a few different ways.  I will be announcing an upcoming marathon session date (subscribe to the newsletter - link at the top of the blog - for early notification) early next week.  Or get your girlfriend(s), mom or sisters together and book your own day.  And of course individual session availability.

I am thankful for those conversations with my girlfriends .... and can't wait to bring out the best in you.