Around the House.

This is a start to a new little series here on the blog - AROUND THE HOUSE.  I have no idea how often I will get around to doing these features, so I am better off to not make any promises ;). But what I do know is, a close second on my 'what I love to do list' is interior design.  I have a deep appreciation for making your home personal, unique, quirky, fun, warm and welcoming.  I love to look out a window at every turn.  To see photographs of my kids, family, travels and stories spread throughout.  To make it ours.

Through this, I hope to share with you some of my favorite pieces, internet + local shops and a few decorating tips that I have learned along the way.

So, a quick little post to get things started!

Products I love + shown here:

Giraffe print can be found here - love love love Sharon Montrose and the Animal Print Shop.  Modern, fun, quirky animal prints that work in any home.  I could buy every print on that site.  But I think people would start to worry about me if I actually put them all up in my house ;).

Shoot for the stars was bought here - again, another fun print shop.  Products are shipped from the UK, so shipping isn't the quickest.  But well worth the wait.

Logan you are amazing print customized here - Kal Barteski's blog and shop.  A Canadian artist whose work I absolutely love.  Her blog is a must visit.

Oh - and the plates in the last photo are going to get a post all of their own.  A whole story there.