Here we are at the beginning of October and I am finally getting around to blogging some of our summer photographs.

Back in June I mentioned in a blog post that I was planning on spending my summer documenting as much as I could about our travels, adventures and daily life.   I did manage to pull together just a few posts that can be found here.

I have more a lot to share ... and hope to do so over the next couple of weeks.  And why not...with the snow today I think it would be good for us to peruse some sunshiny summer photos!

On The Course.

This was how we kicked off May.  Celebrating C's birthday with a cold (gotta love spring in Alberta ;)) game of golf.

Even though I am slightly late in posting this, I still wanted to share for a couple of reasons.  One ... if there is a golfing family out there who would like me to follow them around on the golf course for a couple of hours with my camera for their family portrait stories ... I would be over the moon.  Such a great sport to do together.  And two ... when photographing your kids, family, pets, whoever - be in the moment, see the little things and you will be surprised what your favorite photographs end up being.  One of my favorites in this whole collection in L stepping off of the green steps, the image taken from behind.

Live in the moment.

Beautiful June . Summer Series

June came and went too fast.  Filled with family, camping, golf, ice cream and lazy spring evenings.

Just how we like it.

Back in June I had mentioned in a post here about documenting your everyday summer stories.  Being that we are over half way through July, I have to say I am super grateful I have been picking up the camera for a few minutes almost every day.  Not perfect (but what is really ;)).  Some days more than others and a few not at all ... but more than what I have in the past.

I hope you have too.


  Last week I blogged and mentioned in a little post on Facebook about what I plan to do this summer.


And I was happy to hear some of you would be interested in joining me.  So it got me thinking about it a little more.  How to keep it easy and carefree - just as summer is supposed to be.

I know what I'm like.  If I don't take 15 minutes to download and sort my images each day, the day runs into a few days, then a week and before I know it I have a pile of photographs to go through and it seems overwhelming.   And I don't do overwhelming very well ;).  So daily management it will be.  For you, it might be something different.  If you have a hard time picking up the camera - just get used to that.  Have it out, take your images and set it down.  Let them accumulate on your card and when September rolls around and you are able to tell your family summer story that will be pretty cool.

Here are a few of my images from our summer last year.  I wasn't diligent in taking photos everday, but I have to say a few things definately crossed my mind when I pulled them all together to look at here.  One, my kids are growing like crazy.  Two, they are the funnest people EVER.  Three, summer's are simply the best.  Four, I would have never remembered half of the moments had I not clicked the shutter.  And five, I feel grateful.

I hope you join me.