red deer photographer studio tour

We began the demolition and reconstruction on the studio in October of 2013. After a couple of different revisions we settled on a few of the following guidelines:

  • Floorplan. Moving the shooting area to the back of the studio, which allowed for a couple of great additions. More natural light, because we were able to add additional windows. As well, in the previous floor plan, clients had to walk through and past the shooting area to get to our seating area.
  • A warm welcome. Upon entry, I wanted clients to feel relaxed and welcome, therefore having a clean, organized, inspiring place was important.
  • Good lighting. Not only in the shooting part of the studio, but also in the makeup areas and the lounge area. Bright, but still warm and relaxing.
  • Original. As challenging as it is to consider every single detail when designing a space, the results are worth it. I wanted to be sure that everything that was chosen for the space was unique and interesting.
  • High and low. As you will see in the next follow up post, STUDIO TOUR: the after, items were purchased everywhere from a variety of places such as ikea, etsy, kijiji, Hudson Madison and Home Depot. Be resourceful and determined to fulfill your vision.

If you haven’t yet, bet sure to check out the previous post to have a peek at the before tour.

And stay tuned for the next post in this four part series, "STUDIO TOUR: THE AFTER", which will be published next Tuesday.

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Maybe it's not such a bad thing blogging sessions from last fall 5 months later, in the middle of our cold, more snow than we know what to do with, winter? It gives us a chance to be taken back to our perfect long summer nights, just like this one.

I feel so lucky to have met and photographed this 3 great people (along with their four legged guy, Doug).

Truly one of my favorite sessions of the season.


  Thank you to each and every one of you for the kind comments left on your entries to the giveaway last week.  And for the birthday wishes.  And for just being you.

I'm happy and excited to announce the winner, through a random draw, was the lovely Nita Jean.

And a post on a photography blog wouldn't be a post, without a photo a few photos.  Of one of my favorite places in the whole wide world, the west coats trail.  Happy Thursday everyone.




  I think it's easier to remember the big moments.  The trips, the holidays, the events.  Which is what a lot of us are guilty of pulling out the camera for.

But that's not where the best part of life happens. Rather it's in the everyday.

Go photograph that.  A few good things like gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation will be seen through the tiniest subtleties.


  Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.

Denis Waitley

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to friends and family, near and far.  xo