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We began the demolition and reconstruction on the studio in October of 2013. After a couple of different revisions we settled on a few of the following guidelines:

  • Floorplan. Moving the shooting area to the back of the studio, which allowed for a couple of great additions. More natural light, because we were able to add additional windows. As well, in the previous floor plan, clients had to walk through and past the shooting area to get to our seating area.
  • A warm welcome. Upon entry, I wanted clients to feel relaxed and welcome, therefore having a clean, organized, inspiring place was important.
  • Good lighting. Not only in the shooting part of the studio, but also in the makeup areas and the lounge area. Bright, but still warm and relaxing.
  • Original. As challenging as it is to consider every single detail when designing a space, the results are worth it. I wanted to be sure that everything that was chosen for the space was unique and interesting.
  • High and low. As you will see in the next follow up post, STUDIO TOUR: the after, items were purchased everywhere from a variety of places such as ikea, etsy, kijiji, Hudson Madison and Home Depot. Be resourceful and determined to fulfill your vision.

If you haven’t yet, bet sure to check out the previous post to have a peek at the before tour.

And stay tuned for the next post in this four part series, "STUDIO TOUR: THE AFTER", which will be published next Tuesday.

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Well .....since it has been a good year and a half since the studio renovation has been completed, I thought it was about time to finally share with all of you the process, the before and afters, and the final result ;).

This will all be shared in a 4 part series, with the first being what it looked like before.

I have to say that I am incredibly grateful we live on an acreage, which already had an existing building with an attached living quarters.  This enabled me to not have to consider so many overhead costs associated with the rental, or purchase of a building.   I did use the area previously on occasion for indoor photo sessions, and I had tried to make best use of the space as possible. It was definitely workable, however I envisioned a relaxing, inspiring retreat for clients to visit and feel at home.

In order to give you an idea of what it started out as, here is a peek at the before (and I can’t wait to show you the after!).

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And just to “keep it real”, I wanted to share a few of the behind the scences prior to the clean up.  Yikes ;).

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Look for the next post in this series, STUDIO TOUR: the in between, on Thursday!



Honor Studio is excited to finally be able to announce our Grad 2015 Event dates.  We are offering a variety of locations and dates to match your style and time.

Over the last couple of years we have truly enjoyed working with so many young women and men during this important time in their lives, and we can't wait for this years' session.  If you have someone in your family graduating, we would love to have you join us!

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