I have been thinking about everything I would like to touch on about this personal project that I worked on for a month this past winter.  I could talk about the mix of video and still.  Taking stop motion images.  Learning video.  Learning Final Cut Pro.  Learning how to actually hold my camera still while shooting video ;).  Learning ... you get the picture. But I'm really not into techy talk.

The reason I wanted to create this, and work on this project was this overwhelming sense of gratitude I have for moments and people.  Hailey Bartholomew had put together a 30 day gratitude challenge as a part of a creative live video course she had done, and it pushed me to think about what stories I could tell.   So, I did just that.  Shot little stories of life around me throughout the month of February/March.  Pulled some of it together at the beginning of April and then just finished it today.  Watching it, with a huge smile on my face, I am so incredibly thankful I decided to do it.

I would really really encourage all of you to take on a gratitude challenge or project.  It could be as simple as an iphone photo a day for 30 days.  But you will be so thankful you did and amazed at what you start to see.

I will be offering Fusion Photography (a mix of video and stills) as an option for my upcoming portrait sessions.  If you feel that this is something for you, get in touch!