I strongly feel that as a member of this community and operating a small business here, it is essential to give back in some way.  This year I decided to support three local non-profit organizations providing items for their silent auctions at their events.  The Strive Dance Academy, The Chase Brewster Memorial Foundation and The Festival of Trees.   Supporting youth, people and organizations close to my heart and community betterment.  All very important to me. The first two charities held their events earlier in the year, while the Festival of Trees is coming up at the end of November.

Now, getting down to what this post is really about.  In preparation for my display the the Festival of Trees, I decided to contact my past and present clients to ask if they could provide me with a few testimonials to add to my slideshow presentation.

In opening the emails I felt overwhelmed.  Thankful.  Grateful.  SPEECHLESS.

I am not writing this post to tell all of you reading this what others have said about my work.  I want to write this to tell you what I have to say about my clients.

You are all of the amazement and beauty.  You are all of the inspiration.  You are all of the sunshine.  You are all of the stories.  I just take the time to see it and in hopes of being able to show it to you, so that YOU can see it too.

Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough.

L ox


"You are such an inspiring person as a photographer and friend.  I truly think you have an amazing talent in that your photography has little to do with the things that you see but EVERYTHING to do with the way YOU see them! You always astonish me with your creativity and talent.....You are truly gifted....I think that everyone should have the joy of working with such a remarkable person to create all of those memorable moments you are so fantastic at capturing."


"Leigha's photos captured more than just an event. They captured the fleeting moments, tiny details and laugh out loud memories that helped make our wedding day so special to us."


'Extremely talented photographer.  Leigha captured the essence of my children in our family photo's.'


“Leigha has such a gifted approach to capturing the personality of the person she is photographing.  Her pictures really do say a thousand words; she somehow draws out the very essence of people and their beautiful soul is captured in a moment in time.  When looking at her pictures you feel like you know something about those people you have never even met before. Her pictures are much more than photographs or art; they create a memory and tell an amazing story and somehow that is captured in a split second! Leigha is gifted artist and an inspiring person!'


“Leigha is an amazing artist and so fun to hang out with.  Our picture day was a fun filled adventure right from the beginning and I did not want it to end! She has such crazy fun ideas that make for some outstanding pictures!  Spending time with her and seeing what she can do with pictures has inspired me even more to take up photography myself!  Thank you Leigha! I love my pictures and loved the day!”


"Leigha goes out of her way to make you feel special"


"Leigha.....She captures in her photos what we lives everyday of our busy lives. Simply a rare gift Leigha has. .............Truly Magical...."


"Leigha has a gift connecting with children"  My young girls were so comfortable that the expressions on thier faces were so natural just as they were playing together alone in our backyard"....."Whenever I look at our family pictures, I feel so thankful for all that I have".


'Immediate Connections with families young and old. A lifetime of stories rolled into a photo. Capturing Emotions."