Today seems like a good day to feature another 2016 Grad, right?  I managed to post five of last years sessions, but have about 7 more to share. Time to get refocused before 2017 is over ;).

I loved Breanna's session from start to finish.  We hadn't met prior to her and her mom visiting the studio for the first time, which was during their pre-session consultation, and I knew right away she was my kind of girl. Especially after she showed me her inspriation photos for her session and I loved the style! 

Again, thank you Breanna (and mom!) for choosing me to photograph you for your graduation. I hope you treasure these images for years to come!

DRESS: Echo Bridal, Calgary, AB
OUTFIT #2: Turtleneck borrowed from a friend.
OUTFIT #3: Pink shirt from Urban Outfitters and Jeans from Zara

Nathalie Gzrech, Faces by Nat, Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Lindsey Thurber, Red Deer, Alberta

Breanna is taking a gap year and upgraded some of her classes last semester.  She is also travelling through Europe and Southeast Asia. And has enrolled in commerce with a major in marketing at UBC and U of C for next fall. 

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This is a big milestone for me.  I filmed and finished processing another video. *insert big fist pump*! I am sure many of you photographers can relate. First you see a beautifully shot and edited video (can you say Hailey Bartholomew), then you think, "I want to give that a go!". And so you do. And you shoot and shoot. And film and film. Then you try to sit down and edit the beast, and three days later, pull yourself out from behind your computer. Yea? And let's not get started on sourcing music. Again, yea.

HOWEVER, after I returned from the NAPCP retreat in January, Rya inspired me to get back at it. Her class, and discussion around motion, was such a good reminder as to why I love it so much. 

What I am also finding is this. And perhaps it is just my kids, or the fact that they are boys, but they are really drawn to motion (and videos) much more. I can often find them reminiscing and watching the past videos I have created. (You can find a few uploaded on my Youtube channel HERE.)

So. While we were in Palm Springs a few weeks ago, and I was doing one of my favorite things (watching my boys golf together), I managed to film these few (okay a lot) clips. I have been wanting to document this story for a long time. Because these are the days I don't want to forget. And I don't want them to forget. And I feel it more stronger than ever that photos and stories only grow in value over time. 

Here's them. On the course. February 2017.